what is your favorite dressing


what is your favorite dressing you can not avoid using in your meals

i like thousand islands & Ranch

so what about you wait for yours

Ranch, Blue Cheese and Italian

Cannot give just one answer, because it depends on my mood.

If I had to pick only one it would have to be chunky creamy blue cheese.

But the way to get the ultimate is to put blue cheese in your salad, and use ranch dressing.

That’s a thought.

I like Ranch , Blue cheese and chinese.

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I like Italian and Chinese rice food and ranch in dressing.

I prefer the food which is healthy for me but sometimes I love to eat Chinese and fast food.

I love Thousand Island, Ranch & Honey Mustard

My ranch dressing.

I like Blue Cheese and Italian.

I like to sprinkle fruits (cube cuts) as dressing as trying to lose weight and eating boiled vegetables and fruits these days with lots of water intake.
Lose weight-.

I like Spicy Caesar Dressing
with Grilled Romaine

I really love the Chinese and very avid to know more and more Chinese recipes.