What's the difference?

I’ve heard of these terms, but I still don’t know what the differences are between a grunt, cobbler, crisp, betty, and slump? Could someone explain the differences?

They are all basically the same thing, as I understand it.

Slumps are similar to grunts except they are baked (or cooked on the stove top) uncovered instead of steamed. Called a slump because when it is served it has a tendency to slump in the dish.

Grunts are fruits (usually berries) cooked beneath a biscuit or dumpling dough. Grunts are steam cooked. They got their name from the sounds of the berries cooking.

Brown Betty is a baked pudding dessert made from fruit.

Pandowdy is made with pastry or bread dough covering fruits with the dough baked either separately from the fruit and added during the baking time or part way through baking it is removed from the oven and the dough is scored and pressed into the fruit and returned to the oven to finish baking. The dough is crisp and crumbly.

A buckle is made from cake batter topped with berries and a streusel type topping. The fruit and topping sink into the cake as it bakes. Sometimes the berries are folded in the batter.

A crumble is a dessert with crumb topping made from flour, sugar, and butter that is sprinkled over sliced fruit and when baked gives a crispy, crumbly topping.

A crisp is made using fruit as the bottom layer and a topping consisting of oatmeal, nuts, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and butter making a more granular topping than a crumble.

A cobbler is a deep dish fruit dessert with a thick biscuit or pie dough crust - similar to pie but the crust is thicker. Few recipes call for the crust to be on the bottom.