Where do you shop?

Do you have a set grocery store you normally go to, or do you follow the sales?

Of course I have my favorites of where I buy what. Some stores I won’t buy meats in, some stores I won’t buy their produce, etc. Sales sure do help - especially the wasy things are today!

That is true! We have Safeway near my mom’s. They always have great quality on foods and great sales. They even have a Safeway gas station there that gives you over 15 cents off the gas prices by using your club card. You know gas prices are rising, so I love that discount! Do you have Safeway in your area?

No Safeway near us. But we do have large chains that offer gas discounts, etc. but I find that too many times although they may have a terrific sale on certain items - regular items cost more than usual. That is how these chains keep their profit margins where they want them. They all do it too - I’ve spent too many years in the food industry - and it drives me nuts! When there is a good sale on staples I make sure I stock up because I know that it will be awhile before they put the on sale again.

Gas prices are (unleaded/regular) now 3.29 here and creeping up each day. There is no call for it! grrrrrrr

I just like the idea of a grocery store providing you with more things than just groceries. Like for instance, Safeway came out with this planning guide to help get your Thanksgiving done in just 3 hours. I’m talking side dishes and the turkey. Have you heard about this at all?

We have markets here that will cook a 10 - 12 lb turkey or ham, 3 lbs. taters, gravy, stuffing and a side or two for $49.95 or so. Some will cook your turkey for you and makeyour gravy to cut done on your work. But to me it’s just not the same - the insanity of the day is really worth it - at least to me.

Some day I may not be able to prepare my own - ut I would find someone to help me so that I can still have it homemade.

Homemade is the best!The 3-hour planning guide is a set of recipes for a homemade Thanksgiving meal, just taking shortcuts you can say. Their recipe for the turkey only takes 2 hours (at 475 degrees)! I know we have stressed over trying to get everything done in time before, and this guide makes it easier to follow.

How long does it normally take you to get everything done in time before the guests arrive?

Cripe - depending on the size of the turkey!! Over 26 pounders take longer - and don’t forget all the baking done the day before! Thanksgiving - or any holiday - equires all-day cooking the day of the holiday - it’s like non-stop!

If you are using this 2-hour recipe, you are limited to a 24 lb bird. We will probably have a 20 lb bird, which is perfect. It think the less time spent stressing on cooking, the better. Then you can spend more time with the family and friends at the dinner table! Have you ever considered ever trying the high heat recipe?

I’ll stick to my 350* F. oven - I know my turkey will be cooked the way I want and I will have the flavor I want.

Well I hope you will be enjoying the 4 day weekend with family having a great time off. :slight_smile:

After it’s all said and done, do you have a lot of left overs? I want to make turkey enchiladas this year with the left overs, have you ever made those before?

I found the recipe for them here:

It’s a belly-busting day for sure - and with all the goodies - I usually just have the neck on Thanksgiving - possibly an oyster or two (from the back of the bird) so that I can enjoy the dressing, veggies and sides.

I always make soup/stock out of the carcass and casseroles, sliced meat with gravy for sandwiches or semi-re-runs, etc. I make turkey enchiladas, tacos, etc. I love turkey - so I do as much as I can with it.

And may your holiday be a great one too!

Thank you!

That’s great you are exploring your left over ideas. So basically all those ideas in that Safeway link to the Left Over Lounge you have conquered.? :-p

In all honesty - I have not even visited the site yet. It’s a “traditional” thing that we have done ever since my mother was a little girl - rip the turkey apart and start the soup while enjoying your turkey dinner! Growing up that way I was a bit surprised when I found out others didn’t do that! What did I know - I thought everyone did that!

Only less than 2-days left, are you pretty prepared? Luckily, they had a shopping list I could d/l on the Safeway site, so I think I am going to have to pass on that last minute grocery shopping Thursday morning. Even tho we send my dad, it’s still a hassle for everyone to make that last minute trip!

I’m in for the rest of the week! All set! They are expecting a storm on Sat. so I may have to venture out for milk - that’s it!

Just to let you know about my experience with the 2-hour recipe, it worked out nicely. It was nice to rely on something to be done in such little time while we spent more time on other dishes that needed it. Believe it or not, we went thru 2 turkeys and 2 hams with very little left overs! We actually had to hide some turkey so we could have left overs for ourselves!

Hope everyone’s T-day was great as well. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that it tirned out well for you! Anything that saves time is great!

Safeway, Superstore, Planet organic… And I’ll often look for sales.