Where is the McRibwich ?

Here in Lake City, both McDonalds and Burgerking are offering the Mcrib Sandwiches.

To make at home,see if a local restaraunt that get their supplies from Sysco Food Service will order a case of the Ribblets for you or look at your local Save A Lot or Aldi’s Markets for J.T.M. Ribblets These are lightly smoked and cook up good for breakfast meat or a BBQ pork sandwich.

A case of the Sysco Ribblets holds, if my memory serve me, Twenty-four pieces and you can either cook them in a skillet, Deep Fry them or toss on the grill for a smoky rib.

Yes I did and it was helpful to most. However, making the McRib is unnessisary as the real things can be gotten from the sources I named I get the ones from Sysco Foods and divid them into smaller packages for day to day use.