Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

My husband and I started grinding our own wheat. We use hard winter wheat but have yet to find a whole wheat bread recipe that does not produce brick hard bread and that does not crumble when cut. We have tried so many recipes I am just burned out…plus I consider it a sin to have to throw away all that bread…we tried leaving it out for the birds and animals (we live in the country) for winter food but even they will not touch it!
Some recipes call for white flour to be added but that, to me, is defeating the purpose of making a healthy bread. Do I need to grind the flour to a finer consistency? We have it at a medium consistency right now.
Our ancestors used to do this daily - there has to be an answer! I appreciate any help you can give me…thank you!!

Hi dkf52,
I’ve been making whole wheat bread for more than five years now, and I’ve found that the type of grain used really makes a difference. Have you tried hard white spring wheat for your bread? I also use soft white spring wheat for pastries and get excellent results.

Hi and thank you for your comment. No I have not tried the hard white spring wheat. I have buckets of the hard red winter wheat on hand. This is why I need to find a recipe for it. I do appreciate your input and if I do not find a recipe suitable to my needs I may have to buy the white wheat instead and to from there. Thank you so much!