"Why I Want a Membership to SendMeRecipes.com

Why I Want a Membership to SendMeRecipes

I first found SendMeRecipes only a couple of months ago, as I am an avid reader of recipes and cooking websites.  I am a writer, also.  
Because cooking and food are two of my favorite subjects, the site selection was obvious and I have not been disappointed, except by my own cooking. 
Currently working for a small television station and formerly a daily newspaper reporter and columnist, I hold a deep regard for English, grammar and the play of words.  So much of what we read is dry because of content, lack of imagination by the writers and largely because that is what is expected.  My disagreement with that has led me to try to start my own website, to little avail because of an ineffective website designer in my hometown, but it hasn't killed the muses.

Contributing to such a website/blog is a dream for me and I think I can help with the content and the nature of same.
Thank you for considering me as a blogging associate and keep the recipes coming!

doug arvedson