Why You Love Dad - Father's Day Shoutouts

This is dedicated to all the responsible Dads who take care of their family. We want to show you love on Father’s Day.

This thread is your personal thank you card.

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I guess I’ll go first.

Becoming a dad is one of the best things that has ever happen to me. One of reasons is because I never met my father - he passed while my mother was 6 months pregnant.

Don’t feel bad for me because you don’t miss that which you never knew.

However, I did have a dad and that person was my grandfather.

Grandpa was the positive role model in my life. He was the person who taught me how to ride a bike, how to mow the lawn, how to treat a woman, how to be a man, and how to be a dad.

He was a very special man who would do anything for his family. Nothing was more important to him.

Grandpa you’re no longer with us but, if you’re looking down from heaven and reading this post, I want to say thank you.

If you can see me now I know you’d be proud.


Your Son



Your post was very touching. I’m old enough to appreciate the respect that our parents (and grandparents) earned and deserved. There are still some respectful and appreciative “kids” out there, but they are becoming very scarce. Good for you!


my father pass away 11 years ago, and since then there has never been aday i don’t think of him. he, was and still is the " BEST’!!! so you kids who feel he’s in your face over this and that? chill, he is doing this because he “LOVES’ you!! " HAPPY FATHERS TO ALL DADS AROUND THE WORLD”
lees (ruth)

My Dad passed away it will be two years this November. I really miss him. He taught me so much about this earthly life and also about my spiritual life, which I grow to appreciate everyday. Now I know my heavenly father is with me and I will be with them both someday. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL YOU DADS OUT THERE.

My Dad passed away 14 years ago this November. I miss him and although I know he was there, I really missed him walking me down the aisle at my wedding. I had a wonderful substitue, my brother, who is also a wonderful father to my two nephews. Two of the many things my Dad taught us are to be self sufficient and hard working. I was lucky enough to find and marry a man that is so similar to my dad it’s almost scary. Dad I know you had a hand it bringing us together and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I love you. Happy Father’s day to all the Father’s who make their children proud to be who they are. And A special Happy Father’s Day to my brother Tim.

I could go on and on why I loved my Dad…When I was 4, my parents got divorced and he got custody of my and my half-sister. He worked 2 jobs to take care of us and never, ever complained and Christmastime was always extra-special (there was even the year he dressed up as Santa and woke us up in the middle of the night!) Even after numerous heart attacks, he still took wonderful care of us and never shirked his duty as a father. He let us climb all over him and let us sleep on top of his legs, even though this caused his legs to hurt, but he’d never kick us off. He was always happy and helpful and cheerful to everybody. He had so many friends, that when he passed away, the jar that was placed on the counter at the local truck stop to help pay for his funeral was overfilled three times over! It’s been over 20 years since I lost my daddy and I can still picture his wonderful face and his beaming smile. There’s so, so much more about him that I could write a book about how much I loved my Daddy!

~IN MEMORY OF RICHARD ELMER REVARD~ b. Sept. 17, 1942 d. Mar 15, 1985

Truleelee, your father sounded so wonderful and he was very lucky to have someone who realized what a great person he was, he sounds like he was such a warm and cuddlely man who loved you very much, it must hurt to have lost that feeling of being that much cared about, hope you still have it in your life.

My father is a very kind and generous man, He’s one of those men that any stranger could walk up to and he would never judge you. He has taught me how to love and respect people. This will be his last Father’s Day with us, and I’m not sure how today will be.

It’s been heartwarming and bittersweet to read all about how much everybody here loves or loved their dads. I’m tearing up right now just reading about all these wonderful men. God Bless Daddies! And hugs to all who need them.

Sincerely, Lisa

This is a hard day for me as well as my dad passed away May 4th 2006 after a short battle with a long illness. He was my sounding board,my best supporter of all I did,and taught me more than I can list here. I miss him everyday as do my 4 sons. The best tribute I could give him came right before he passed when he thanked me for coming home for a while and I said ,“No,thank you for life and for being my dad.”

Why I Love Dad . . . My own, who passed away in 2003. They say don’t have any regrets. My only one is that he barely got to know my two sons. Other than that, Jack, lived a long and full life. He wasn’t famous or rich or your typical dad. What he was besides loving was courageous and determined. He may not have always done things the right way or the conventional way but along with my mom, he managed to raise 9 children on a limited income, managed to scrape up enough to pay all 9 of our Catholic school tuition for grades 1-12. And, all of the 9 they raised are good, decent people,all w/ high school diplomas, some with college degrees, none in prison, etc. And now they are doing their best to do the same: raise their families right and live life to its fullest. He had many friends and provided much laughter for others and didn’t mind being the butt of jokes himself. He loved to garden. As my younger brother said at his funeral, “Jack knew how to grow things” Not just in his garden, but in all aspects of life. Jack never got the recoginition he deserved. He was a good, simple man who laid the groundwork for many great things. Never wanting anything back except time to have a little fun enjoying the things he loved: a good meal, a bowl of chocolate marshmallow ice cream, and sports. (Go Notre Dame!) You know how much I love you and miss you dad. Now others know do, too!

Why I love a very special dad. The dad I live with and love is my husband, Ben. Ben is a wonderful person, husband, and father. He is the father of 2 boys and the stepfather of 2 boys. Raising and dealing with these four boys has not always been an easy task for him. Four boys, three different mothers, one blended household. As you can imagine, raising four
sons who share the same mother and father is a difficult task. Try it the way he has had to do it! Through it all (the last ten years), he has never stopped working (even when laid-off) and providing for all of them. Frankly, he has put up with a lot of pressure, problems, and heartache. And has never gotten enough love and respect or thanks from any of them. Well, I just want to say my personal thanks for being the stepfather to my 2 sons. He’s never turned his back on them, even when he wasn’t legally their stepdad. Without him, I can only imagine what my life would’ve been like as a single mom and few resources of my own and more importantly, I wonder what their lives would have been like without him. Ben, your’e the Best Dad in my book . . . Happy Father’s Day!

This is after Father’s Day, and long past Mother’s Day, but I hope I can add in my two cent’s worth anyhow. I am new to this site and this is my first time writing. My parents, too are gone to Heaven, but there;s hardly a day I don’t think of them and wish I could share some little thing with them. They taught me much, and are still teaching in the way that they always made me think. They were simple folks who took in many foster children who might not have had a good life elsewhere, as well as caring for their own 3 kids. My dad had Schizophrenia all of my life, and still managed to do all the right things for his children. My mum suffered from chronic depression since the 2nd world war, but overcame it to keep us all healthy and reasonably happy. THese two fine people came from very humble beginnings and still managed to instill dignity, love manners and Faith in us all. They are very loved and sorely missed. Sadly, they both died of Cancer within 4 years of each other. Mom, Dad, I miss you and love you both very much.

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