Will pie set-up?

Hi Everyone,
I’m new here and hope to learn from all of you.

If I mix large box of instant Chocolate pudding with sweetened condensed milk, will it set up?

Thanks anyway, guess I will just use regular milk. Was hopeing to try something different.

Try it and see if it works. but I think it will be too sweet.

Actually, your choice of milk doesn’t affect the gelling.
I’m don’t use milk, but I’ve done pudding with soy milk and rice milk and have had no problem.
Lvdkeyes is right about the sweetness I would think though. Some chopped walnuts would help cut the sweetness.

I wouldn’t risk wasting walnuts as I think it will still be too sweet. Condensed milk is very sweet on its own and the pudding mix has sugar in it.

This will get too sweet but you should try it… If experiment gets successful do let us know…