Would you like your own cooking blog?

UPDATE: You can now signup to get your cooking site setup. Only 100 available. For full details, watch the video at: https://www.recipesecrets.net/cookingsite.html

We’re considering giving members their own cooking blog / website where you could share recipes with friends and earn some extra money. We would set it up and do all the initial work to make it look professional. It will also be very user friendly to operate for newbies and non-technical people.

We will only have the resources to set up 100 sites to start. Right now we’re just trying to assess the interest in this.

The cost would be just $27 to get the website built (by my outsource team overseas) and a very small hosting & support fee.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please reply here and vote in the poll above.



I may be interested…would like to know more before deciding but am certainly interested.

Thanks as always…


I’d like to know more about the hosting and support fee…would that be a monthly fee? Also, how would we earn money from it? Just by posting a recipe?

definitely interested in cooking blog…would like to know a little more about it before I totally commit.

Yes! I was on the training call last night with the three of you! Look forward to learning more about that and this, too.

I’ve actually wanted to start blogging, but setting up the site seems too daunting. Looking forward to some more info on this.


Yes, I would like to be considered for this Blog.

I would like more info on this, sounds very interesting.

I would love to have my own blog. I have loads of recipes to share and would love to hear more about it.


This is sort of funny…I teach middle schoolers to cook. During a demonstration, a student asked me if I had any original recipes. “Why, yes, I do!” I told her her.

I would love to know more about this opportunity!


This really sounds fantastic but would like to know more about it. As i said I am for sure interested but want more details before commiting

Wow what an opportunity, thanks Ron!
I had a cooking blog that got wiped out when a site changed, and I’ve been looking for a chance to start a new one.
I would love to share my back to earth cooking style with everyone again.

Always thinking, Ron. One of the reasons I keep following you. Keep it up, man. The best to you and your family in 2011!

Sounds like a lot of fun and seems very interesting. Please provide more details to allow us to make sound decisions. Thanks, Sabrina


What a great idea! I already have hundreds of my favorite reipes in my computer, most completed with a photo. Guess I couldn’t claim any of those Recipe Secrets that you shared with us (HA!) but we already know how delicious they are! Would love to WOW my friends and family with my own cooking site! Keep me updated as I definitely want in on this!

Happy New Year to you, your beautiful family and your staff!

Linda White in Tennessee

Yes, count me in I would love to share my recipes.

I would definitely be interested, but I would like more info on exactly how it all works. The details seem sketchy right now. In general it sounds pretty good.


I want to thank you for considering offering this to us. No matter what the outcome may be. I am not a fancy cook but have recipes that have been family favorites since before I was born, and. that is a lot of years. I would like sharing these plus some that I’ve created.:slight_smile:

I would be very interested in all the details!

I would love to try it