Wt. Management

:roll: Hi everyone,
Spring is here in southern Illinois and while I have been watching my weight with the South Beach Diet-----one I’ve learned ( and that really didn’t take long ) to appreciate so much not only for the weight loss but for how it helps you to focus on much healthier food overall. I’ve lost about 45 #.s so far and have about 15 or 20 to go. I’m eager to start working out and doing as much walking as I am able to again. It’s something I really miss. My Dr. warned me about the very real possibility of diabetes in my future if I did not control my weight so I am committed to spending the rest of my life being much more cautious about my eating habits, but the second goal is to keep a good portion of exercise in the mix since it’s not just weight alone that determines your risk. I am satisfied that I will find a combination ( even with my bad feet ) that will allow me to fullfill both those previous obligations to keep myself healthy and exercising and happy to be alive.