Zone Diet recipes needed, please

Greetings all,
My healthcare provider has recently placed me on the Zone Diet. The Zone Diet is not the easiet Diet to work with.

So, I have decided to help myself and others by building a Zone Diet Support website. The store is done and now I’m about to begin work on the Support site.

If you have Zone recipes, would you please forward such, or contact me directly.

Best regards,
Jeff aka Zoner

Minutes after the above post - I noticed and read the primary forum rule. Post one, before requesting one:

Berry Desert

Here’s a recipe I made up while searching for a dessert alternative. It’s so good that I had to share it with everybody. If you want to add more protein and less carbohydrate, substitute the Total Multigrain Flakes Cereal for Total High Protein Flakes. There’s only 15 calories in the 2 Tbsp of fat-free Cool Whip, so if your diet allows you could possibly double the amount!


3/4 cup Frozen Unsweetened Mixed Berries
2 Tbsp Fat Free Cool Whip
Splash each of Almond and Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Total Multigrain Flakes Cereal


Mix all ingredients together and enjoy.

Makes 1 serving.

Nutrition Facts per serving:
110 calories
25 grams carbohydrate
6 grams fiber
2 grams protein
0.5 grams fat

Blocks: 2 C, 0 P, 0 F

recipe from Alicia C.