Favorite Drinks

Last weekend, my wife and I went to a wedding reception for her cousin.

During cocktail hour, I decided to get a drink at the bar. I’m not a big drinker, but I’ll have one or two just to be social :wink:. My usual drink is Hennessy cognac and coke. However, the bar didn’t carry Hennessy :frowning: .

The bartender asked me what else I’d like.

I drew a complete blank.

There was an awkward silence and I felt a little pressure from the people behind me waiting to order :oops:.

I then blurted out the first thing that came to mind - Rum and Coke.

That made me think. There aren’t many drink recipes on the site.

In light of that - my question is:

What is Your favorite drink? What do you usually order at the bar?

Please share any drink recipes you have.


Here’s one I remember having that was pretty good:

Royal Flush

1 1/2 oz Crown Royal
1 oz Peach schnapps
1/2 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
1 oz Cranberry juice

Mixing instructions:
Pour all the ingredients into tumbler over ice. Strain into glass.


jaggerBOMB!!! One shot of Jagger, one Redbull in a glass. drop the shot of jaggermister(shot glass in all) in the glass of Redbull. Bottoms up! Cheers:) :evil:

1 1/2 oz vodka
cranberry juice to 1/2 inch from top of the glass & top with grapefruit juice…stir! yummmmmmmmmm :lol:

French Connection (drink)

50% Cognac
50% Amaretto

Pour over ice, stir and sip. ENJOY !!!

The best drink I ever had was a chocolate martini made with Godiva chocolate liquor. I licked the inside of the glass! I don’t have the recipe but they are delicious. (Rather girlie :roll: ) but good.

My favorite mixed drink has always been Long Island Iced Tea. Yummm!! But don’t drink one on an empty stomach! You will definitely get a buzz! :wink:

vanilla vodka and (diet) vanilla coke or pepsi. tast like cream soda!!

I have two favorite drinks. I rarely take a drink, because of medications, but back before those medical problems, there were these two that I really enjoy.

The first is a Colorado Bull Dog. (It has another, less polite name). I don’t know the exact proportions, but it is Kaula, Coke, cream de cocoa,vodka, and milk. It tastes like a chocolate shake…but the vodka will sneak up on you.

The other favorite is a Bloody Maria. This is made with tequila instead of vodka. I especially like it made with Beef a Mato juice, which has a beef bullion taste. It is hard to find that around. But when I order the Bloody Maria out, I always ask for a TALL glass, so I get more juice than alchohol.

I usually order a Rob Roy. a scotch manhattan–up or rocks–depending on the work day. OR a vodka martini with a twist.

No I don’t drink both on the same day, or at least the same bar stool. I usually stop at 2.

My personal favorites are

  1. Dr. Comfort shot of southern comfort and dr pepper over ice. rather sweet but oh so good.
  2. this is the booger…a hurricane bitch shot of vodka shot of khaula shot of ammereto 1/2 shot of creme da cocoa 1/2 shot of cream then fill glass with coke.
    3.then my all time fav… is one I make myself so no real measurements it is a take on a white russian…in a blender vanilla ice cream lots of it vodka khaula ameretto a little milk so it will mix and it is so good but sneaks up on you it is a dessert and drink in one you really cannot tast the liquor unless you want to the strength is up to you.[color=violet] :lol:

my favorite is the rattlesnake as a drink or shot. trust me it bites just like one after 2 or 3… :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to a bar called the Manhatten in San Diego and there was a girl with this real green drink and I asked her what is that drind and she said a Scooby Snack and I said what is in it and she told me then she asked me if I would like a taste and I did and now I will not drink any thing else but that unless they do not have the stuff to make it with then I will get a beer. Kathy

[quote=“gloribc”]French Connection (drink)

50% Cognac
50% Amaretto

Pour over ice, stir and sip. ENJOY


Scooby Snack

In a chimney glass

Half a glass Malibu rum
Half a glass Pineapple Juice
just a splash of Madori Mellon
Whip topping on the top and a cherrie or 2 or 3
Yum! Yum! This is a real sweet drink for all of
you sweet drinkers out there. Enjoy Kathy

I’m from Texas and just love my Margaritas!

I have had exceptionally good singapore slings, but not on a regular basis. There are variations and when I drink a variation with gin, or maybe the wrong kind of gin, it isn’t the same. Even when the bartender is willing to share the ingredients, it isn’t the same. I may just stick to beer.

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Vodka Tonic…plain and simple. :lol:

My favorite drink whenever we do actually go out, is a fuzzy navel. A shot of Peach Schnaupts and pour orange juice over. Goes down very smooth, and you will get a buzz.