What happened to the Recipe Exchange?

It used to be a good forum for requesting and exchanging recipes, many of them personal. It seems to have turned into the b-man/kitchen witch “who can cut and paste more recipes from other sites on the internet” battle. Maybe this kind of board flooding can go on in a different forum? Maybe just put a limit to the size of floods allowed?

We have an extensive library of recipes because of the postings. You can find most anything you want using the search option.

Have a good day.

It is still a good forum for requesting and exchanging recipes. The Recipe Exchange still works if you use it.

So does Google - the same library in fact. I liked this site for the things that weren’t so readily available…

I used to come by every couple of days and look over the last couple of pages for new posts. Now, there are 10 pages each day, and I’ve noticed a lot of duplication. The same recipes are appearing over and over.

I guess I just believe in quality over quantity.

You are entitled to your opinion and you do have a point. However, I believe it’s currently both quality and quantity. The only change is now there are more recipes.

The recipes that aren’t readily available are still being posted there every day. My suggestion would be to use the search function to find the type of recipes you’re looking for or visit more often. :slight_smile:

So does Google - the same library in fact. I liked this site for the things that weren’t so readily available…

I used to come by every couple of days and look over the last couple of pages for new posts. Now, there are 10 pages each day, and I’ve noticed a lot of duplication. The same recipes are appearing over and over.

I guess I just believe in quality over quantity.[/quote]

I don’t want to just sound like a complainer. I know there are still alot of originals on here - I’ve searched for them, and I still can get a question answered; I just miss being able to browse through a lot of different people’s posts in the recipe exchange. I liked the variety of points of view, and the many questions and answers made interesting reading. I just think long lists of recipes could go somewhere else. It they’re just being posted to make a comprehensive search database, perhaps that should be a different forum.

It’s a tough decision to make. I don’t want to discourage people from posting. Let me think it over.

If anyone else has an opinion feel free.

I’m with tdorst , I started looking for recipes on this forum because I thought they were recipes the people posting them had tried and liked. There are a lot of sources to get recipes out there, what I would like to see are family favorites like it was when I first started coming on this forum not just another recipe book. If you see a recipe I have posted it is one I have tried and enjoyed making. Maybe you need to make a new discusion for the people like us who are looking for quality not quanity! Nothing against B-man or Kitchen Witch I’ve tried some of your recipes and loved them,I would just rather get the ones you have tried and liked. I am a field editor for Taste of Home magazine and I think that is why it is such a popular magazine , because the recipes are family favorites.

No matter what opinion you have it is still a great site. I have lots of recipe sites in my “favorites.” But, I still keep coming back to this site. The recipe forum is just one of many threads offered and the search function can help you find anything. Posting a response to the original posted recipe could help anyone find out if it is a recipe that was actually used and the results.

This site is owned by the person who seems to like what is happening. There are many other sites that probably have exactly what you are looking for, but please don’t stop using this one because of the quantity. It still is easy to browse the pages and see all that is offered. I tend to browse all the threads everyday and it is not a long process.


To tdorst… I can’t agree with you more. I dont mean to sound rude, but look at this forum from 6months to one year ago, and compare the types of recipes that are being put on now.Just between a.m. and p.m. of today, there are around 12 ( very similar) cheese ball recipes. A lot of repetitive recipes appear and there seems to be a race on between 2 people on this site. There is no quality lately. I just finished making up a beautiful recipe book for my daughter-in-law and it came from recipes from the previous boards. I think it used to be fun to just look down the list and find great things to try and now it is more trouble than it is worth.

I, too, like the tried and true and family favorites. But it a real convenience to have such a variety of recipes on one site. The search function comes in handy when you’re in a hurry because there are lot of similar recipes.

Perhaps there could be a forum for those TNT recipes only. Or at least noting TNT in the subject would be helpful. If I live to be a hundred, I would never be able to try all the wonderful sounding recipes that have been posted.

It is still an awesome site!

I appreciate all the feedback. I want this to be your forum and your opinion does matter.

What I get from this is - the Recipe Exchange still has a lot of value, but there are many people looking for “tried and true and family favorite recipes.”

Here’s what I’ve decided:

  • I’m going to start a new Category strictly for recipes which people have personally made.

  • I’m going to keep the Recipe Exchange as a place where people can still request recipes and answer the requests of others.

We’ll give it a try. The only thing I ask in return is that you participate and actually post some great recipes you’ve tried.

I’d also like to commend B-Man, Kitchen Witch, Swtness, Aline and all of you for helping to make this forum a great place online.

Warm Regards,


Another way to go would to be to take out the “mass quantities” of recipes and put THEM in a nother spot. You see, the recipe forum ALREADY WAS what people wanted; asking them to try all over again is WASTING THE MANY MONTHS OF EFFORT that went into making the recipe forum what people missed. Yes, I also see the value in the mass quantities of recipes that DO seem to be of very high quality, but the “home” quality is what I (and, obviously, OTHERS) want here. So, post your mass quantities, but PLEASE put it in another section. :?

I only started using this forum in the last few days… I posted a few of my tried and true recipes only to have them disappear almost instantly several pages back thanks to 2 folks flooding the forum.
Is this not supposed to be for all users and not just a few who can speed post 12 recipes in half as many minutes.

I think I may have made a mistake to become a member here!

There is a forum called “New” Your Favorite recipes. It is for the “tried and true” recipes. If you decide to stick around for awhile, I think you will find this is a great site.


I agree with this suggestion. you have different forums for a reason. Ingredient forum, the dessert forum and the old recipe forums seem to have died. If you going to post a lot of those recipes at once why not put them where they can be found easier.

I couldnt agree more…When i first found this site it was nice to think i was looking at recipes that people made and liked,and wanted to share.
But then all it seemed to be was a race to see who could post the most.I found that very dull.
So I missed this whole thread since I have not been here for a while for just that reason. I think some members need to limit their posts and let people that really want to share a recipe have a turn. I would rather try a recipe from a member with a few posts…not 5000…that way i know its something worth trying not a recipe just pasted on.
Im sure these people mean well…but their way is not for me

As admin pointed out, you are entitled to your opinion…however your viewpoint of a battle between myself and Kitchen Witch to see who can post the most, is not a fair and equitable analysis. Firstly it is deceptive…nothing could be further from the truth. Secondary to this, and since I became a member, I’ve posted with the sole intent of sharing and giving back what has been afforded to me. In fact I think it would be safe to say all of the moderators have had many personal thank you PM’s and requests. I’ve spent much time and effort here, simply because I have the time at present, primarily due to recovery of a stroke and other collateral health issues, resulting in an inability to contribute in my workplace. Following this is a personal interest in recipes. There is no race or contest between Kitchen Witch and myself. We have an online respect for one another, and other members. And considering the mega inventory of recipes that Kitchen has acquired over many years, I wouldn’t stand a chance at quantity posting. Besides, what would be the point…there is no prize nor is there any personal gain to be derived, for either of us. I don’t watch the recipe counter click away, and I’m certain Kitchen Witch doesn’t either. This recipe community continues to be a good place for requesting and exchanging recipes. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from making a request or contributing to the site. This site has changed in six months, because it has grown and evolved… into several forums, in which the thought and design was soley to benefit the membership. I think your term “flooding” as a descriptor is greatly lacking in every respect…you and anyone else can post as much or as little as you wish. And I do sincerely thank you for your 9 contributing posts. Before you start to condemn, take a tour through all the forums…look at the hits in Ingredient, in International, in Just Desserts, in Heart & Health, in Your Favorite Recipes, in Kitchen Tips…Recipe Exchange speaks for itself. Those numbers confirm interest and there have been several positive comments, in all the forums. Again, your entitled to your opinion, however myopic that may be. I’m sure it would be safe to say that we all look forward to your continued recipe post contribution(s).

Hey Ron…start a poll survey. Ask the membership for complete input, and let the numbers decide. I have zero problem with limiting posts…lets say 10 a day per member maximum…then and lets let our nay sayers here, step up to the plate and take a turn at moderating, at membership development and providing sufficient interest to keep members coming back, and website development ideas… they assume and maintain that position for a year minimum. In the meantime Ron, find yourself another moderator for the 3 forums I’m involved in. And…not to worry tdorst, and others of the like mindset, I won’t post any further recipes…there yah have it folks…yah see…there was no race afterall. So step up to the plate…you got a vacancy to fill … Adios folks…I’d like to say it has been a pleasure, but…that wouldn’t be fair or equitable either.


Have you tried to search for a recipe from one of the 2 folks that put 10 to 15 recipes in one post… it don’t happen! You can only find the topic recipe not the individual ones .

I never said you were, what I said was as soon as another member posts the 2 of you flood the site with multi- recipe posts moving other folks posts pages back where they are hard to find. You can’t search if you don’t know it is here in the first place.

AND the search does not work when you have multi recipes in one post!